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An intuitive platform designed to decarbonize your business

Our approach

Collect data

Calculate baseline

Quantify initiatives

Set targets

Implement impact

Why Terralytiq

Actionable pathways to decarbonize

Terralytiq’s climate experts specialize in analytical solutions for business leaders to act on their carbon footprint. 

Our intuitive platform, proprietary insights, and customized data are the difference between ambition and action. 


Proprietary climate tech models

Terralytiq is the only platform that can provide you with a perspective on cost and carbon. Our proprietary library of models enables you to mobilize your organization around the business case for decarbonization. 

Customized emissions data 

Terralytiq solves the hardest part of your carbon footprint: upstream supply chain emissions. Our extensive database of custom emission factors and supplier engagement methods address the unique variables of your supply chain.  

Intuitive software platform

Terralytiq limits the resources your organization needs to invest in decarbonization. Our software platform, built with world-class design and user interfaces, gets you to actionable insights faster. 

About us

The leading, global team of sustainability professionals

Our mission is to empower businesses to move their decarbonization ambition into action. 

Terralytiq was founded with that practitioner’s perspective – how businesses can implement initiatives and track impact in the transition to a net-zero economy. 

Terralytiq is proud to be a destination for top sustainability talent. We’re building a world-class team of industry practitioners, decarbonization experts, and software developers.

Our partnerships with leading academic and private sector institutions ensure that our team brings the latest insights in sustainability to customers.


Accelerate your sustainability career

We are hiring in our Amsterdam and Austin hubs, with remote flexibility.

Terralytiq is committed to building inclusive, high-performing teams. As part of our team, you can expect accelerated development and the opportunity to have a real impact on the solution to climate change

Apply now to become an early part of our exciting journey!


Latest company news at Terralytiq

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Terralytiq Welcomes Herbert Sablotny As Senior Advisor​


Terralytiq publications on decarbonization

In the face of the accelerating climate crisis, this blog post offers a guide to corporate decarbonization, particularly focusing on product decarbonization. We discuss the rising tide of transparency in corporate carbon accounting and reveal that nearly half of global market capitalization now actively discloses carbon footprints. Carbon accounting and decarbonization efforts are not just ethical moves but strategic imperatives for gaining a competitive advantage. This is underscored by the changing business landscape where clients—especially in B2B sectors—are demanding transparency and actionable plans for future decarbonization. Regulatory changes like the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and the U.S.' Inflation Reduction Act are additional driving forces. This post also delves into the challenges and complexities of Scope 3 emissions and Life-Cycle Analyses (LCAs), and argues that a new, less resource-intensive approach is essential. Anticipating this need, we introduce Terralytiq's Low-Carbon Products (LCP), a forthcoming SaaS tool aimed at simplifying carbon footprint data collection and analysis. The central message is that proactive decarbonization is not just environmentally responsible but a multifaceted strategy that offers businesses operational, financial, and reputational gains.